Yes, it is definitely that time of year when you start seeing the holiday decorations going up in all of the stores and you start asking that question, “Is it already that time of year again?” Many of us are putting together our shopping lists and are already wondering just what would be the right item to purchase.

Well, if you are shopping for someone who needs a hair dryer, why not try the Hot Tools dryers? Hot Tools hair dryers have been around for quite some time and they continually are adding new technology to their already popular line of hair styling tools. Not only do they offer some of the best technology, they also offer fun and creative styles of dryers.

Does the person you are shopping for like animal prints? Well, if they do, Hot Tools definitely has some interesting and fun prints in their Beauty Skins line of products. How about a Rainbow Zebra, Pink Zebra, or even a Snow Leopard printed hair dryer? They even have a Skull Design hair dryer. All of these hair dryers come with 1875 watts of power for faster drying.

Hot Tools Tourmaline and Ionic technologies change how air treats hair, transforming the dryer’s high airflow into a moisture-enhancing shower of softening, luster-building ions. Not only can you dry your hair faster, but you get shine, sheen, softness and control. The Tourmaline/Ceramic far-infrared energy penetrates hair to dry it from the inside-out for optimum moisture balance. Hot Tools hair dryers are marketed by Helen of Troy and are leaders of professional and personal styling tools because of their product innovations, superior quality and competitive prices. All Hot Tools hair styling tools come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Keeping Those Bangs Straight

Many of us today are wearing hairstyles with bangs. In fact, the “bob” that has been popular for the last year or so has become even more popular with bangs. Many of the celebrities are wearing the “bob” style with bangs and they look fantastic!!

If you already have straight hair and have bangs, it is usually very easy to style your hair and go. However, there are those of us who have curly hair, wavy hair, or that piece of hair that no matter what you do by trying to use gel, hairspray and blow drying it with a styling brush, cannot get the bangs to lay straight. So, what can those of us who fit in that category do?

Well, thank goodness that some of the professional hair styling tool companies have created the mini flat iron. Most mini flat irons have 3/8″ to 1/2″ plates. These size flat irons are ideal for using on bangs and other short hairs that are along the curve of your face. These smaller plate flat irons are great to use because there is far less chance of burning your face or scalp, which happens when you try to use the standard 1″ flat iron or larger. The process for straightening these hairs is the same as is with the larger plate flat irons. Using these smaller plate flat irons produces a more finished look and you can feel much better about your style as you are walking out the door.

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