Buying a vacuum cleaner is very simple, you can find many different vacuum cleaners everywhere; for this reason, however, you must be careful: in the jungle of different models it is good to bring a small compass, so as not to incur in the careless purchase and find yourself with an object not very suitable for our needs. The general rule is always: “we choose what is useful to us, not what costs more! Unless the two things coincide. Check for additional info about vacuum cleaners.

Choose according to air watts

Unlike other appliances, this time calculate the consumption in Watts, which indicate the consumption of electricity that the tool requires, is of little use: this is not the important data.It is, instead, to know how many “Air Watt” our vacuum cleaner is able to use, and that is how high is its suction power. In addition, it is also necessary to check it:

The motor of the unit puts into operation a fan that, turning, causes a strong suction that allows you to suck up even very small residues. But which and how many models are available? Here is a small list.

Vacuum cleaner with bag: a classic

These are the most common, and also the simplest ones: the vacuumed dirt is conveyed to disposable bags, mostly of paper, which are then thrown away without any dispersion of material. The only drawback is that they are not very cheap.

Vacuum cleaner without bag: careful with dispersion

The dirt is sucked into a plastic container. The problem of spending on paper bags is solved, and the model is perfectly equivalent to the one with a bag: the weak point in this kind of tool is the possible dispersion of the vacuumed material when removing the plastic container to empty it.

Water vacuum cleaner: clean but expensive

These models solve both the problems of the previous models, because they use water to filter the material sucked in, and therefore there is no risk of dispersing it and no need to use disposable bags; however, the filters with which they are equipped must be kept constantly clean, and spare parts are expensive.

With drain on the ground: for big cleaning

It is the most complex and less widespread: it is connected to special sockets that then convey all the discharge into capacious and centralized containers. It is suitable for large rooms. Once you have decided which of these models is right for you, you have to choose the type of operation.

Towing: practical if it weighs little

are equipped with wheels to make transport easy; if you opt for this model, also pay attention to its weight; the strong point is the transportability and everything must make it easy, if you want to avoid problems of practicality.

For solids and liquids: home and terrace shine!

They are among the most powerful, and sometimes separate solids from liquid ones; they are ideal for cleaning spaces such as terraces and balconies and for cleaning in places in the house, such as bathroom and kitchen, where the floors are often wet.

Electronic: modern and versatile

They are equipped with push-buttons through which it is possible to modulate the suction power; moreover, they have warning lights and leds to signal when the container is now full.

Automatic: wireless and self-sufficient

Automatic vacuum cleaners are the most convenient, if we are often away from home: they operate and do everything by themselves, without the help of human hands. This is possible thanks to certain sensors that operate the motor, start it and also guide its physical movement. Equally, they prevent them from colliding with obstacles and recognize the presence of stairs and differences in height along the way.

No danger to grandma’s furniture, therefore, and no risk of finding the device destroyed on re-entry! The automatic vacuum cleaner is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a battery charger to be connected to the power supply; some models also have a timer for early suction programming.

There will be no more excuses for not having a flawless home, even on working days!

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